Jack The Bear 1993 - Trailer

Jack The Bear 1993 - Trailer

Jack the bear poster

Jack The Bear is a film based off of the novel of the same name.


the film begins with John Leary a professional clown who runs a horror show and father of two sons Jack and Dylan. Jack learns from friends that a man across the street named Norman Strick is a psychopath and that in the backyard is a fence and across it is man eating dogs. At school Jack meets Vince and Caren and he falls in love with Caren.

After many dates Caren and Jack break up and then the family learns that Norman is a neo-nazi. John head to his studio and when they are on air he angrily bursts into anger and rants about Norman the next day Jack finds Norman's dog Cheyenne dead and Norman blames John. Jack tells Dexter a friend of Jack's that if he watches Dylan he will be payed a nickel.

Jack goes upstairs to his secret room where he reminisces his mom leaving but only to be wrecked and die. His flashback ends when he hears a knock on the door he goes downstairs and opens it with Dexter saying Norman had kidnapped Dylan and Jack calls the police and when John gets home he learns of what had happened.

The next day John goes on air and tells the viewer that if the person finds Dylan they should immediatley call him but before he can finish he bursts into tears. Jack and John are both saddened by Dylan's capture and Jack soon goes to bed wishing Norman would arrive with Dylan and having ice cream he falls asleep but is wakened by John saying they found Dylan they rush over to the hospital and learn he is suffering amneisa.

After four days of being in the hospital Dylan is taken home but when he gets scared of John Grandma and Grandpa take the boys and this angers John. Jack and Grandpa play chess but Jack is bored by how Grandpa plays and argues with him later that night he escapes and takes a taxi back home and before he and John can reconcile they are attacked by Norman. Norman chases Jack to the top of the house and Jack exits through the bathroom window and jumps onto a tree and Norman follows but falls down and the man eating dogs attack him. Jack and Dylan are accepted back home and Dylan begins to remember everything that has happened.